ASX Announcements 2012



Announcement Title

19th December 2012 Ceasing to be a Substantial Holder
19th December 2012 Appendix 3B
17th December 2012 Appendix 3B
13th December 2012 Appendix 3B
7th December 2012 Change of Director's Interest Notice
7th December 2012 Change of Director's Interest Notice
6th December 2012 Amended Appendix 3B
5th December 2012 Becoming a Substantial Holder from MQG
4th December 2012 Appendix 3B
29th November 2012 Fully Underwritten Rights Issue Closed
28th November 2012 Annual General Meeting Presentation
28th November 2012 Results of Annual General Meeting
9th November 2012 Despatch of Prospectus for Renounceable Rights Issue
8th November 2012 Clarification of Disclosure in Rights Issue Prospectus
8th November 2012 Alteration to Notice of Meeting
31st October 2012 Quarterly Cashflow Report
31st October 2012 Quarterly Activities Report
26th October 2012 Letter to Ineligible Shareholders
26th October 2012 Letter to Eligible Shareholders
26th October 2012 Annual Report to Shareholders
26th October 2012 Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form
25th October 2012 Letter to Optionholders - Pro Rata Offer
25th October 2012 Appendix 3B
25th October 2012 Renounceable Rights Issue Prospectus
23rd October 2012 Appendix 3B
23rd October 2012 New Highly Prospective Massigui Project
16th October 2012 Investor Presentation
11th October 2012 Soil Sample Results to 4.46g/t Gold from Basawa Gold Project
10th October 2012 Underwritten Renounceable Rights Issue to Raise $2.2m
8th October 2012 Trading Halt
28th September 2012 Full Year Statutory Accounts
29th August 2012 Divestment of Non-Core Assets
29th August 2012 Company Secretary Appointment/Resignation
31st July 2012 Quarterly Cashflow Report
31st July 2012 Quarterly Activities Report
2nd July 2012 Resignation of Company Directors
28th May 2012 Ceasing to be a Substantial Holder for AQQ
22nd May 2012 Shallow Mineralisation Intersected at Dankassa Gold Project
14th May 2012 Divestment of Non-Core Assets
30th April 2012 Quarterly Cashflow Report
30th April 2012 Quarterly Activities Report
19th April 2012 Appendix 3B
11th April 2012 Extensive Gold Trend Discovered - Basawa Gold Project Liberia
10th April 2012 Change in Substantial Holding
19th March 2012 Results of Meeting
15th March 2012 Half Yearly Report and Accounts
28th February 2012 Drilling Commenced to Test 12km Long Gold Anomaly
13th February 2012 Notice of General Meeting/Proxy Form
10th February 2012 Appendix 3B
1st February 2012 Placement to Fund Exploration of West African Gold Projects
31st January 2012 Quarterly Cashflow Report
31st January 2012 Quarterly Activities Report
31st January 2012 Trading Halt
19th January 2012 12km Gold Trend Defined by Drilling - Dankassa Project, Mali

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